Funeral Service

Arranging a funeral for a loved one is a difficult task – not only do you have to deal with your own grief, you have to make decisions in relation to the type of funeral service. A funeral is a celebration of our loved one’s life.

To bury or to cremate can be a hard decision if these issues have not been discussed prior to your loved ones passing.

There are personal preferences to be taken into account in relation to religion, cultural, traditions, personal choices and total costs of a funeral.

When contacting a funeral company, ask them their experience dealing with your requests – religious issues, cultural issues etc. Ask the funeral home are they a member of a Funeral Association and does that Association have a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct that they follow.

Where a person is to be buried can influence the type of money one will need to erect a memorial. Each cemetery has certain regulations and requirements that determine the type of headstone that is allowed.

Most funeral directors have the facility of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. It is now easy to plan your funeral in advance and have the money invested in a Pre-Paid Funeral Bond. You can then have your wishes as to the type of funeral you would like and thus relieve your family of dealing with such a decision at the time of your death.

You can also pre-plan your Memorial – you have two options in this case. Have the memorial placed in the cemetery now or have the funds placed into a Pre-Paid Bond and have the memorial placed at the time of need.