About Us

About Nalty Memorials

A.L. Nalty Memorials Pty. Ltd. Is a family owned business started by Anthony Louis Nalty approximately 70 years ago.  His son, Mark Joseph Nalty, is the current Managing Director.

Mark was in his mid-teens when he joined the family business.   Mark was then the ‘factory junior’.

The ‘factory junior’ phase of his life has made Nalty Memorials what it is today.  Mark is mainly involved in sales now, but he has had the hands on experience of masoning a memorial, lettering a memorial and fixing a memorial.  

His experience has taken him to all areas of not only Adelaide but the entire state.

He designed and fixed the first vaults in South Australia at Dudley Park Cemetery.  He designed the sloper memorials that have become popular at Enfield Memorial Park.  He instigated the flower vases that are utilized in the Enfield Tablets.

Mark has designed many individual memorials to suit our customer special requests.

Mark is proud of the projects that Nalty Memorials have completed through the years from cremation memorials in various cemeteries to the many war memorials.

The staff at Nalty Memorials is exceptional – Mark believes sincerely “we have the best masons in the industry”, “we have the best fixers in the industry” and “we have the best lettercutters in the industry”.

Our friendly and caring office staff can give guidance in purchasing a memorial.  Our sales staff is not commissioned sales people.  They are not aggressive in their sales – their weekly pay cheque is not bigger just because you signed an order with our firm.

Our Aim Is To Be The Best, Not The Biggest